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"Sunnydalopolis..." Part XXVII...

Sunnydalopolis part XXVII

[Play theme for Scooby gang assault on Xortox]
Spike and Willow arrived at Xortox to find Warren desperately trying to get back in...

Xander, Dawn, and Anya arrived a few minutes later...

At the entrance to Xortox nearest the sewer, the "Voice" and his minions arrived...Bearing the
immortality conferring (money back guaranteed) Scroll of Anatasis...

They were quickly shown up to the conference room where Harmony was trying to dine as
gracefully as possible on the blood packets provided thoughtfully by Dr. Severn...

"The security guards have gone into the building..." Xander informs the gang after scouting out
the front gate...

"What about Buffy?..." Dawn anxiously asks Warren...

He tries to reassure her... "Severn had her taken to the infirmary...There are people there who
don't know what he's up to...She won't be harmed..."

"All right...we've got to get in there now..." Spike looks at the others... He reassures Dawn...

"First stop, Nibs...the infirmary...I promise..."

The others look at him...He shrugs...

"She'd kill me if I did it any other way..."

With the guards withdrawn inside...Willes taking no chances with Severn's 'guests' and night-
shift employees sent home...due to a mysterious gas leak announced by Severn...It was easy
for the gang to enter the building and reach the infirmary where Buffy lay...

But the interior area around the main labs was sealed off...By computer controlled steel doors...

A security computer sits at the main foyer desk...

They turn to Warren...

"I'm not really that good with personal computers", he sheepishly replies...

"Willow, my love, I have a little job for your computer competence..." Spike calls to her...

Willow couldn't find the controls for the door...She started to delete files to clear her doors...Ok!...

"Got it."

The doors open...
Up in the darkened conference room, the minions of the "Voice" are putting on their best show
for Dr. Severn and his men... Phil (aka the "Voice") is in excellent form, remaining hidden in the
darkest corner, his men chanting and swaying for all they're worth...A grand show...worthy
of the Scroll's legend... Phil is quite pleased to see that Severn's men seem appropriately
awed and terrified while Dr. Severn takes a more skeptical view...

It's always good to deal with a well-informed, skeptical customer, at least if your product can
do what you claim...

Severn wants a demo...The ambulance he had mentioned to Warren is bringing a body from
Sunnydale Hospital...He wants to see the Scroll in action...Before purchase...

Phil is pleased to oblige...What a pleasure to deal with a straight-forward fellow like Severn...

Willes balks...There are just too many of these things...He turns to Severn...
"These aren't people, you fool, they're not interested in money..."

"Actually," The Voice replies... "We have a great interest in money. But we care even more
about obtaining the Slayer...What is your offer?"

Severn sneers at Willes and the shadowly creatures.

"Every man or thing has its price." He laughs. "Here" he throws several cards at them,
"Take what you want, if this works...I'm prepared to pay any price for immortality."

"The Slayer?"
"My assistant will bring her to you...but we understand each other? You'll give me a chance to
see the Scroll of Immortality work, give me the details of the transformation process, and no
harm will come to me?"

"We are always ready to come to terms with a faithful long as you keep your part of
the bargain."

Severn smiles at them...

"The Slayer is intact...and in my basement...Willes will get her for you now..."

Willes nervously looks at Severn who motions him out.

"Bring it to them...You know the one I mean..." Severn hisses to him...


"Do it, man."

Willes slips out to head downstairs.

One vampire comes out of the circle facing Severn and his guards. Harmony.

"That is not the Slayer he's got...That's Spike's doll. Buffy's outside. In the other building...I
saw her taken there..."

The ambulance with Severn's "test case" arrives outside...

"Nonsense, I have her just as I've said. Just a moment and Willes will bring her up."

Buffy is being carried to the ambulance outside...

It's true...I see the Slayer outside." One of the others calls out.

"Dr. Severn..." The Voice takes on a hurt tone. "Is this the way you mean to conduct business
with us?...I fear..." A vampire returns with the doctor's cards...

"Doctor..." The Voice is harsh and forbidding now. "I see we can not offer you the knowledge
of the Scroll or even our own gift of immortality...You are, I'm afraid, unworthy."

"What do you mean? I'm a powerful man I can give you all you want..."

"Dr. Severn...your credit cards have been...declined."

Phil, in his "Voice" persona emerges from the shadows surrounding Severn and the two
guards. Plus a gaggle of hungry vampires of whom Harmony forms a part.

"However, so that the evening will not be a total loss..."

The vampires close in on the screaming Severn and his men...

"I get dibs on the little guy."

Harmony forces her way through to one of the guards...Shoved back she grabs the first thing
she can find and throws it in anger at the others. It's a container of alcohol and it smashes
against one of the big candles the vamps are holding over Severn and his dying men. A fire
immediately breaks out and spreads quickly through the room.

Harmony grimaces. "Geesh... sorry." and leaps with several of the others out the back window
of the lab.

Landing with a perfect cartwheel, Harmony can't resist giving a "Go, Sunnydale High" to
celebrate before she runs off...

[Play theme for Scene at Xortox]
The fires spread all over the building area and soon it's all aflame...

Willes had run to the basement level door and shut it on seeing Spike and Warren in the hall...
They pursue him, banging on the door...He goes deeper into the basement to the storage area
where Buffy Rebecca is standing, still lost in memories...He shuts that door as well...

The fires reach the first floor...

Willow and Xander on the first floor manage to reach the door where Warren and Spike are
calling to them and to Buffy Rebecca. Spike manages to get in as far as the basement stairway
before a part of the roof caves in. Warren and Xander pull him back to the door and more of
the roof comes down.

Buffy Rebecca is wandering, calling as Willes who had been guiding her to the stairs is now
desperately trying to hold onto her for help. She calls to her mother and Dawn...She is eleven
years old and the house is on fire, Mom and Dawn trapped in the flames.

"Mom, Dawn!...Where are you? I'm coming."

Willes tries to get her to lead him out... "There's no one here but us." He pleads. "You have to
help me, get me out."

She turns to him. "Please, where's my mother? Where's my sister?... Dawn!" She calls.

Willes, blinded, screams for help. The flames are all around them and Buffy Rebecca's clothes
are burning. She wanders to the stairs, still looking for her family and climbs them, Willes
trailing desperately behind.

"Mom! Dawn!"...She calls as she reaches the top of the stairs. Spike and Warren can now hear

"Buffy, come on. This way..."

"Where are my mother and sister? Help me please. Mom! Dawn!..."

She is still behind the door to the stairs...

"Buffy Rebecca!...Rebecca!" Spike screams and begins to dig through the burning rubble.
Warren and Xander try to force their way through as well.

"Buffy!" It's Dawn now at the outside door, poking her head in past Xander who grabs her.

"Dawn?" Buffy Rebecca yells.

"Mom and I are here Buffy, over here...Come on."

Buffy Rebecca tries to force the door but it's stuck She smashes at the door and it opens.
Spike seeing her calls to her. "Buffy! Come on girl!"

Willes whimpers and the robot hears him feebly beg. She turns back towards him...The door is
blasted shut by a draft of fire. Buffy Rebecca tries but cannot force the door...

Willes screams in agony and mercifully faints as the flames sear him. Buffy Rebecca shakes
herself and picking him up carefully, smashes again at the door. This time it gives and she can
see the hollering Warren and the others. She carries Willes out to the open field and drops him,
stumbling herself. Warren and Spike run to her with Xander following. Willes is loudly
moaning. Buffy Rebecca is badly burned, stumbling, and falls...

Spike is hysterical... He runs to the moaning Willes...No chip is going to stop him...But Warren
grabs the vampire and shakes him...

"Spike! I need you...Nothing matters but here!" He gently strokes Buffy Rebecca's head...
"Anything else can be fixed easily. We have to stabilize the brain as soon as possible." The
vampire calms down, looking at his friend...

Together they carry Buffy Rebecca to Warren's van, Xander still following...They take her
back to the crypt, Warren setting immediately to work. Xander, feeling helpless, leaves after a



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