Friday, March 18, 2005

"Sunnydalopolis..." Part VII...

Sunnydalopolis, part VII...

The gang is assembled. All are trying to avoid looking at each other. Buffy is here but if Giles is right, Buffy is also inside his back storeroom...Xander, last to arrive, is first to speak.

"So...what have we gothere?...Daylight vampire, clone, robot, ...Toth type Buffy-splitter?"

Willow looks at a very tired looking Buffy... "Buffy, do you feel aright?...You're not a Buffy-split are you?...I mean...well not a Buffy-split... a split Buffy?"

"No, Will...that is not half of me in there, whatever it is. Giles?" Buffy looks at him.

"Well, Buffy, she certainly seemed like you...Except perhaps for her humming?..." He looks apologetically at her.

"Humming?" says Willow. "Oh, well, then robot for sure...humming..." She smiles, problem solved.

"I was referring to her humming a tune, Willow...Very nicely as a matter offact."

"Buffy? Humming a tune?" Xander looks at Giles. "Well, that's not Buffy..." He looks at Buffy who is looking at him. "Buffy would besinging...beautifully...but not humming..."

Dawn is still barely able to follow the conversation having just woken up after three hours sleep...But the talk of another Buffy in the storeroom gradually penetrates and wakes her. As she listens, she can't help wondering about the Buffy sitting next to her...You never know...Maybe...Xander is secretly (at least to his own mind, secretly, to everyone else it's pretty obvious what he's thinking) having the same thought...Maybe...But humming a tune...distinctly?...Nah, can't be Buffy.

"Maybe we should talk to her?..." Tara suggests.

"Talk." Anya agrees "Talk is good."

"Umm...killer robot...daylight door...bad idea." Xander

"Talk is no good." Anya agrees.

"We could talk through the door." Tara tries again.


Inside the storeroom Buffy II is getting desperate. Her friends will neverbelieve a word she says now...she can't blame them... neither would she. In fact, she can't help being a little proud of her Watcher for his fast action. Giles, did you have to be so sharp today?

"Hello?...umm...Buffy?" Will calls through the door. "This is Buffy's friend...Willow."

" that you? Can you open this door? I think Giles made some kind of mistake and I think I can explain."

"Hi there, infamous Buffy-poseur...We have a line on your boyfriend so you may just as well confess before he gets hurt." Xander is quite pleased with his attempt to frighten the hideous whatever with a Spike threat.

"Xander, don't be ridiculous...Is Giles there? I can explain this to him."

"Well, as long as you're explaining this to Giles, why not explain it to Buffy? She's right here too."