Sunday, March 19, 2006

Sunnydalopolis Part X

Sunnydalopolis part X

Warren returned to his office, among other things to prepare for another schedule accommodate "Dr. Walthrop's" special needs in terms of working hours... I've just gotten back to normal work days...he thought,exhaustedly...Here we go again with the midshift shift.

He missed a christening...Buffy II had decided that it was too confusing to keep using only Buffy as her name...Far too much to expect Spike and Warren, the "cybergeniuses" to keep the Buffies straight...

"You're changing your name?..." Spike wasn't too happy at the thought. Buffy somehow suited her so well...

"I'm keeping Buffy...But we need something to distinguish the two of us...and I don't like the idea of Robot Buffy Summers..."


"Buffy Rebecca...What do you think?"

She got the R in, he thought. Buffy Rebecca...Buffy Rebecca Summers...not bad.

"It's up to you."

"I like ... Anyway I have to get to school tomorrow. Before Buffy goes back."


"Register for classes, take courses...I'm not giving up a college degree, Spike, not if I can help it. Dawn and Buffy might need my help someday, financially...And we are certainly going to need whatever we can get. Eternity is a long time, you know." She frowns. "I guess it will have to be least until I can get a job, somewhere..."

"Ah, humans and their money...the cause of so much sorrow, so many broken homes... Now girl, the vampire lifestyle is simple, more honest..."

"Spike, apart from the fact that ATM money serial numbers are registered...I don't like the idea of living by larceny."

He grins. Finally, finally I've got something to shock her with...

"Well, love, as to that...I've got a job interview on Tuesday next."

She is properly startled. But quickly realizes that the same vamp network of phony reverences and faked ids that will allow Spike to pull off his act can provide her with a new identity for her college and work as well. Ten percent of their incomes to a bunch of vampires confirming their references does go a little against her grain, however.

It's only later, as she rests in her tank that it hits him that she has taken it completely for granted that they will always be together... What did Warren say before? That being with him would be as natural to her as breathing...

More so, considering...


Spike's vamp network has come through and with the aid of a wig, make-up, and class hours that Buffy Summers could never handle, Buffy Rebecca has returned to college. Actually Rebecca Walthrop has entered college...according to her id.

Patrolling is a careful business as she must try to avoid Buffy... So she takes the odd hours when she knows her original most likely to be asleep or studying...

Buffy Rebecca is studying for her history class.

Spike glances at her book.

"World War II...The Russian front? Did I ever tell you...?"

"Spike, please...go away. I'm trying to study and I hate war history. People killing each other...I hate it. But I have to take it. It's the only humanities course I could still get into this semester."

"Well, you should talk to someone who was there...Like ole Spikey..." She looks at him.

"What's the book? Ah, the siege of Leningrad...what a time that was...Nazis within three miles of the city, roads cut, people dropping in the streets by the thousands every day from hunger..."

"You were at Leningrad? During the siege?...In disguise as what, a Nazi officer?"

"I like that...I was a freelancer for the London Times, my girl..." He looks at her. "Well, anyway that's what I told the Ruskies I ran into. The Times actually printed a story or two of mine that I got out."

"How did you manage to get trapped in that?"

"Well, Dru wanted to see the war...Russian front was were the action was in 1941...And Leningrad...St.Petersburg to you...has such nice palaces to see..."

He grins. "Killed my share of Nazis, too." He stretches, ready to begin his war stories at length...

She looks at him.

"What, you don't believe me?...Look me up in the Times, 1941, William S. Walthrop..." She cuts him off.

"Oh, I believe you. The Leningraders were all starving...Of course you chose nice fat Nazis to eat..."

She leaves him.

Young people, he thinks...No respect for history anymore.


The day before Spike's first job interview in 120 years, Warren is at his lab office when the phone rings...

"Warren, it's...Buffy...can you meet me?"

"Buffy...what's wrong?"

"Umm... I'm in your parking lot...I'm having...umm...a memory problem? Can you come out?"

"Well, why don't you come up here? I think I could examine you better here."

"Well...I'm having a problem with one of my legs too...I don't think I can make it... Maybe you should come out here before someone thinks I've been struck by a car...takes me to a hospital."

As Warren leaves, the secretaries in the hall cluck at him...There goes the supergenius off early again...Nice to be engaged to the boss' niece...

He finds Buffy standing near a van in the lot. She seems ok...

Xander emerges from the van. "Well Warren-nice to see you again...Sorry to hear you've been stricken ill so suddenly..."

He sees that Giles is also in the van. He gulps...Busted.

The back doors open and the rest of the gang regards him coolly.