Monday, March 27, 2006

Sunnydalopolis Part XI

Sunnydalopolis Part XI

They had held Warren for hours in the shop and he still would not tell them where the robot and Spike had fled to. All he would continually tell them was that the robotic Ms. Summers was no danger to them or any human. Willow, Tara, and Anya may not have had much success with their attempts at intimidating looks, but Buffy, who after a first long glance, refused to look at him and who furiously left the room after a minute more than made up for anyone's else lack of menace.

Tara now tried a different approach, to point out to Warren the terrible thing he had done.

"You've robbed Buffy of something precious, Warren... To give her, even a copy of her to her worst enemy..."

"Spike?...Spike loves her...If you could just see them together..."

"Warren...if what you've told us is true, you've stolen her memories...her whole soul and given them to Spike...It's evil, terrible..."

Xander is losing his temper with the little scientist.

"Warren, you and your sexbots have had it...No more of these precious tales of Spike's undying devotion...We want to know where they are. It's demolition derby time."

In the other room Buffy is reaching the boiling point...if that little...won't talk, the Slayer will make him talk...


The situation, Dreg reflected, is worsening rapidly.

Reports of the Knights were increasing...even rumors that Constantine XXX, hereditary Emperor of Byzantium and Rome, Commander of the Knights of Byzantium, had reached the area, had surfaced. No sign of the Key had appeared.

But more serious by far was the divine goddess' condition. She was clearly and rapidly losing ground to Ben...Her last audience could only be maintained for ten minutes and she had warned that she could only gather her strength for one last major attack...If the Key was not found and used soon, she would be trapped, once again, between the dimensions, in the web Ben so neatly wove around her glorious self...

But what use would another blind attack on the Slayer be if the Key could not be found?

Dreg's new suit itched but he endured the suffering for the chance to please the glorious one who had purchased it for him...Ben's prescription for his skin was working quite well, he had to admit...

He racked his most unworthy brain for an answer...Perhaps, the Slayer could be forced to tell them where the Key was, but she had shown no sign of yielding to the glorious one as yet... Of course, Glory's attacks on the Slayer had necessarily been short-lived, with no time to really threaten those she loved... He brought the full power of his devoted brain to bear...He would never suggest that Glory had bungled the situation in dealing with the Slayer's sister, by not using her as a hostage, but perhaps if her followers, with more time available to them, were to capture that girl or some of the others who followed the Slayer... Yes, that might work...But would her most divine gloriousness approve? No time. He must rely on his devoted love of his most divine, most holy of goddesses to guide him in his decision...

There are times, Dreg thought, when even the most devoted and servile of minions must show a bit of initiative...This was one of those times....

Buffy entered the room quietly enough but they could all see, she was at the edge... Warren caught their nervousness and tried to look at the Slayer...She'd been afraid of this, he'd try to make use of what he'd learned about her by his time with the robot...The little slimeball...the little... She'd make him talk...she'd destroy his little toy and Spike with her. Buffy grabbed his hand and crushed the fingers. Warren cried out in pain.

"Buffy? Buffy?...Buf...Torture of humans is not what we're about here..." Xander tried to stop her. She looked at him and he saw the dark look in her eyes...He was seeing the dark side of the Slayer... She only crushed harder.

"Where are they, Warren? Tell me, tellme TELLME!..." They were all terrified of her now and when Xander tried to stop her again, the look she gave him took his breath away...She is ready to kill me, he thought...she is really ready to kill me...

But she blinked at him blankly and backed off, leaving Warren moaning. She looked at Xander, then at the others, then passed out...

Giles came in quietly and led Warren out into the other room. He then gave Buffy something to drink which they guessed was a mild sedative and she fell asleep, finally.

He asked Warren what seemed to be a few innocuous questions and much to the others' surprise, let him go.

They did not guess and he did not tell them that Warren had told him all he needed to know.